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A little more about this...and some requests
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david weaver
First, the requests-

Request 1:

If you have pictures of crisp older knives with false edges on the back and a particularly stylish blade grind, please do share. I'm starting to gear up, just as I did with planes, on design ideas.

It was tremendously satisfying to file this blade out of annealed steel, then heat treat and finish the profile on a crystolon stone. At any rate, filing means I don't have many style limitations, and I don't want to make anything quick and junky or modern looking (yuck).

Request 2 just slipped my mind - I'll have to come back to it later. Must not have been that important.

Some comments on the filing:

The blade pattern - I filed a wharncliffe pattern and put a false edge on the front to the middle, and then another small false edge from there back toward what would be the tang. I only have one knife with a false edge, and didn't think to get it out, so I'm guessing on what that should look like (it's often ugly and poorly done on modern knives, anyway). Finding decent pictures of hand made stuff proves to not be that easy!

It's clear from this that it's easy enough to forge a straight knife blade and then draw file it that I should be able to make even pocket knife blades if I want to (there are some complications there, because the back spring and the knife blade need to be identical thickness at the tang of the knife at least, or there will be gaps in the back of the knife somewhere).

The early part of every new type of thing you're making is always the most interesting.

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Smashed knife 2
A little more about this...and some requests
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