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Debonding Atoma plates ()

Patrick Chase
I've had an Atoma 400 plate for a long time that just wasn't quite as flat as i wanted for stone-flattening, so into the oven it went for debonding and reclamation.

Instead of re-using its existing blank I lapped the back of the #140's blank and stuck it to that. Now I have a very flat "Atoma Duo", which is handy for waterstone maintenance.

I did confirm that the blank from the 400 was a bit dished (explaining its previous nonflatness - it was right at the edge of Atoma's 2-mil spec), and lapped it flat for future use.

Seriously, for anybody out there like Brian whose Atoma has drifted out of flat, I think it's a no-brainer to debond/rebuild.

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