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Remounting can be good for Atomas...
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Debonding Atoma plates ()

Patrick Chase
As noted in my previous post I had an Atoma plate that wasn't getting my waterstones as flat as it had in the past. I theorized that this was because it was less sharp in the center than the edges (which it was/is), but that turned out not to be the cause.

When I debonded the plate I noticed that a calcified ring of waterstone swarf had accumulated along the edges of the plate in the gaps between the tape strips that hold it to the Aluminum carrier. While it didn't lift the edges enough to be detectable with a straightedge [*], I theorized that it might be enough to cause the convexity I saw in my stones. I lapped the substrate to get rid of nicks etc, cleaned up and re-attached the plate (using the same Nitto 5015 tape as Atoma), and it now leaves perfectly flat results.

The bottom line is that if you have an Atoma plate that's mysteriously drifted out of flat (like Brian IIRC) it may be worth remounting the steel diamond carrier.

[*] In a 140# plate the diamonds sit a few mils proud of the substrate, so it's hard to detect small flatness errors.

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