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Re: Forge


This is my little forge, the key component of which is the Hybridburner.com burner. Runs off a propane BBQ type supply and regulator.

This was also my first welding project, so it looks rough and I never bothered to grind it.

This forge was designed with the option of doing swords, however I never have, and it has everything wrong if you want to do anything else. But even though not great, it works well enough that I haven't changed it, except to add a carry handle.

This forge is insanely stout, and the advantage to that are that it is easy to mount heavier burners, or to support heavy workpieces on the rests, but it is simply supporting koawool battens, so there isn't any reason to have a super sturdy shell, for what the forge does.

I like my forge but for a lot of things it is easier to use an oxy torch, or for that mater an electric heat treating oven. The propane units are best for actual hammer and anvil work.

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