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Re: (OT) Kamikoto 7-inch Chef’s Knife

David Bassett

While that may be OK as a knife, it takes very little searching find the brand and pricing is (virtually) a scam. E.g: https://consumerist.com/2017/04/17/customer-accuses-dealdash-of-selling-cheap-generic-products-disguised-as-independent-luxury-brands/

As far as Japanese knives being single bevel, that is true only for their traditional forms which are tuned for specific tasks common in Japanese cuisine. They also make more general purpose knives that are double bevel, though often with some asymmetry. The profile in your picture is generally of a Santoku, a small general purpose knife of somewhat murky history. IIRC- it was more a marketing creation in Japan in the 1920-30's, that has slowly become popular there for smaller home kitchens. That profile surged in popularity in the US with Rachel Ray using one and then fell into disfavor amongst snobs due to the absolute garbage versions sold by her name brand.

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