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Re: (OT) Kamikoto 7-inch Chef’s Knife

David Weaver
Hi Chuck, you're right, those knives are being made in China and Taiwan now, and the sellers don't always excel at honesty about their origins.

As far as sharpening, keep the profile the knife has, with the secondary bevel, but keep the bevel small. You can make it a bit less steep over time, but you'll find the failure point if you go too shallow. A small secondary of about 35 degrees total angle is about the practical limit.

I have a couple of Taiwanese knives made of Japanese steel, and they're actually excellent, better than any of my German knives, and they were cheap.edge holding is similar to middle of the road rikizai Japanese knives.

Sharpen them with whatever you want. I sharpen vg10 at relatively high hardness with a fine india and hard ark..It's faster than anything else.

The best stone to work the primary bevel on a knife like that is a medium crystolon and india combination, but they can mark the knife some with stray particles. You can go more slowly with coarse and medium waterstones if cosmetics matter.

If the knives are good, enjoy them...They could very well be excellent.

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