Hand Tools

No Knives?

david weaver
Albeit, I didn't expect anyone to be impressed by my small knife, and fortunately, the discussion about it's composition was limited, and we didn't get into a fight about whether or not it's medium carbon core or not (all I can say is that it will cut cardboard, whittle wood, bevel the end of a tenon, etc, without taking any damage).

But I'm surprised how far the forge talk went, or that we got into the weeds with the oven stuff, etc (yes, it's important to check temp and consistency of the kitchen oven if you use that, and don't quench in motor oil if you're going to temper in your wife's favorite baking space).

I didn't think this discussion would go toward forge talk (wasn't my intention, but I guess people have a lot of thoughts on forges, and I just wanted an indoor cheap option - perhaps maybe a pair of longer tongs for my 500k btu outdoor burner, too).

Anyway, I'm surprised that in all of this talk, nobody has anything they've smashed with a hammer on the cheap and thought they'd share. Konobu has nothing to worry about in terms of me and kiridashi, but the rough little knife works really well and sharpens like a dream.

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