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Re: First Smashed Marking Knife *PIC*

William Duffield
Shipping for soft bricks is less than hard bricks, they are much easier to drill holes in, and they don't suck up as much heat from the torch.

The springs in Bob's last pic are to keep the fragile bricks from crumbling when they heat up and expand.

Clamp two bricks together and drill with a hole saw. This one is probably not wide enough for a #8 blade, and for sure not for my 3" slick. A smaller chamber heats small blades more quickly and with less gas.

When the hole saw bottoms out, take it apart and break out the cores. You don't need the cold chisel. A big screwdriver will work.

When you have the chamber deep enough, drill another hole for the torch nozzle, tangent to the wall of the chamber and near the bottom.

Find some hardware to clamp your furnace together, and locate it someplace fireproof. This one is on a concrete block in front of a Unisaw table.

Light the torch and stick it in the hole.

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