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Re: Tempering and HT *LINK*

steve voigt
I'll second Derek's recommendation on tempering in the kitchen oven. One problem with that is that there can be heat spikes and uneven heat distribution. Two things really help. First, put some heavy cast iron pans on the bottom rack to act as a heat sink--this will help smooth out temperature fluctuations.

Second, and this was a real game changer for me, put the blades or whatever you're tempering on an insulated cookie sheet (thanks to the missus for that suggestion). These have an air pocket between two sheets of steel, and further protect your work from heat spikes. I get incredibly consistent results doing this.

Speaking of game changers, I recently started using a "muffle pipe" for heat treating. It pretty much eliminates scale and decarb, and makes heat treating large pieces much more practical. It's probably not an option for smaller forges, but for a medium size forge it's great. See link below.

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