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Re: Danger, Will Robinson

steve voigt
Derek, you need to be very careful with bricks in a propane forge. Especially if you're not sure of the brick's composition. If there is moisture trapped in the brick, it can explode, with serious injury or death the likely result. This is mainly a risk with concrete, but still…

Aside from that, Patrick and David are right that regular bricks can melt, crumble, or degrade very quickly in a propane forge (less of an issue with solid fuels). So, I strongly advise using firebrick--made for the purpose--next to the flame. There are two types of firebrick, hard and soft, and you want soft. In a larger forge, it's no problem to surround the firebrick with conventional brick, since the latter won't be exposed to direct flame.

There's a forum called iforgeiron which has a tremendous amount of info on forge building. Worth a look, though as with any forum you have to sift through a lot of nonsense.

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