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Re: First Smashed Marking Knife *LINK*

David Bassett

Derek, I've been collecting links since Don Weber made a forge sound feasible in the special features to his "Build a Viking Tool Chest" DVD. Pop Wood published the video publicly. (Link attached, I hope.)

Also, I booked marked a build article for a smaller simpler propane oven that'd work for heat treating moulding plane irons. It's title was "Two-brick mini forge" in the Metalworking sub-forum of a different board.

Both should give you some more ideas. I think your "best" is going to be based on the materials you have readily available. (Turns out new refractory bricks aren't cheap in my area. Don Weber either had some on hand, has a local supply at a much different price, or just didn't add up all his costs. Pop Wood did up the cost estimate when they posted the video, so maybe some of all three.)

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