Hand Tools

File composition

Patrick Chase
It would not surprise me at all if modern "good" files were face-hardened.

Embrittlement/fragility is a real problem for tools that hard, and a soft "core" would actually be quite advantageous in several respects.

If you do go the filing route, I suggest looking into Vallorbe Valtitan and Corradi Corrinox files. They're both Rc72 and can cut tools into the low Rc60s. I once used a Corrinox to reshape the side bevels of an ~Rc60 bench chisel and it worked perfectlu (I mostly did it for kicks, but also to achieve a thinner side edge than I felt comfortable doing on my belt).

The Corrinox ones in particular can be had decently priced on Corradi's Italian e-commerce site, provided you buy enough to amortize the shipping.

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