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Re: First Smashed Marking Knife

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
David, won't you please post pics of your coffee can forge? I plan to build one (in a couple of weeks when I am back in Perth) to build a few more travisher blades. To date, for heat treating, my method has been very inefficient - using a couple of torches and trying to enclose the heat with bricks. Quick and dirty. It works but it takes a long time to get an even red glow. Time to build a small forge.

Incidentally, tempering the blades is easier in the oven: 1 hour at 425 degrees creates a very good edge for O1 steel that is around 2.5mm thick. I have been very impressed with the curved blade I recently made for a travisher.

I very much doubt that modern files are hardened all the way through. I would search out worn out vintage files. They could be had very cheaply. (Or do you think they are any different from the modern versions?).

Regards from Cape Town


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