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Re: First Smashed Marking Knife

david weaver
Not that it matters, but I had my terms mixed up. Mine is a paint can, and there's room for a second torch in it, so it should be good for about 6 inches of heat, but it's not that even (so practically less).

You're right about the grinder. I either have to get a better belt grinder (I have a 1x42 kalamazoo) or get really used to filing things. I'm not opposed to the latter, it's predictable, and for a slow-head like me, it gives me a lot of time to look at the work and think, and it feels good to do heavy filing sometimes.

The trick with grinders is finding one reasonable, and then, for me, figuring out where I'd put it.

I'm still surprised at the feel of the file knife. Maybe I didn't get it fully hardened, but it's very compliant on the stones, and I subjected it to beveling, notching, whittling on dried wood and it sort of has that no real damage thing going that we find in carbon steel. I recall george once saying that a lot of the low-cost files are not high carbon steel through and through, and perhaps that could be the case in some of the good ones, too (where the surface is carburized with something like a case-hardening treatment so that the top layer is hard and below is not, without having to use silver steel drill rod, etc, for the blanks.

I don't think I'll be "smithing" much, but I'll smash the used files as a way to avoid some of the grinding.

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