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AZ in Colorado Springs
Four (!) years ago I built a Roubo-style bench, 7' long & 26" wide. Followed the plan in the first edition of Schwarz's work bench book. I tailored the dimensions to fit in my shop, as discussed in another reply. My only vise is a leg vise. I absolutely love the simplicity of this. You don't need the three dimensional work holding all the time, but when you do, there it is. I have a 36" squeeze clamp which I use to secure the far end of panels against the top when I need to (the 'far end' being the end opposite the leg vise). With a wooden planing stop, a sliding deadman, and a couple of holdfasts, I'm in business.

I have the parts to build a shoulder vise, but haven't installed it because I think it'd be in the way of moving around, also discussed previously. Maybe someday. (The bench is made of fir. When I glued up the top -- "strips" about 2" wide -- about three strips are drilled to allow for 5/16" threaded rod and there are two t-nuts buried in there, so I can add the shoulder vise later, if and when space permits.)

I think you recognize this, but the bench you have is an important consideration when selecting the vise. I had a lighter weight, more portable bench that worked well for nearly 30 years, but after I retired from the Air Force and could build a better workshop, I read up on benches and vises to see what would serve me better.

Good luck.

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