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david weaver
I worked for three years at Aristokraft while I was in college. Talk about something that is far removed from woodworking as a hobby. I did get to sand, drill, etc, things there, but usually was either in a subgroup doing pre-assembly work or on a production line doing assembly.

My last year, we made 3350 cabinets a week.

If I had a trademark item, I wouldn't mind making it, but my household environment isn't really conducive to that at this point. I also wouldn't mind making planes for pay, but I always have this hitch that I don't want to have someone paying me for something and thinking I should make it the way they want me to make it.

There is something generally nice about making the 10th of an item rather than the first, because you've gotten to the point where every single step doesn't require so much thought. But I like it best when all ten things are done by hand.

My mother (retired now) has a little side hustle (I guess it's probably not little) that she does semi-production painting things simplistically. The stuff isn't my style, but it's repetitive enough that she can do most of it without thinking too hard, but there's enough hand work in it that you can tell someone did it by hand, and there's some skill involved. Her painting reminds me of good carving where the carving work is done in a fluid cut. She lays the brush down at the beginning of an element and in one stroke, it's done. She has a legitimate business, though, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to.

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