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david weaver
I did actually burn my table, but I do consider it sort of a joke, because 99% of the population is dreaming about having a router table with a hammer of a router like the 7518 in it.

If I did a whole bunch of template type work, I might've had a reason to keep it. Certainly (IIRC, you've posted pictures of guitars), it might be pretty valuable for that. I hope to build some guitars at some point, but I will trim them by hand only because it makes me feel good.

It wouldn't feel so good if I had to make 14 of them for a price, and they were otherwise identical, but I could rig up something small and heavy if I wanted to make a few.

I kind of like stuff that's fitted by hand and has a little life, but still has enough skill that any variations from machinist standards are life, and not defect.That is one of the reasons I don't have set patterns or jigs for any of my planes.

It's just sort of a thing.

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