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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Hi David

As you know, in recent years I have preferred to rough out my rough sawn timber with machines. These are my apprentices that do the basic dimensioning, and then hand tools take over.

The old contractor table saw I had for over 20 years has been replaced by a small Hammer K3 Winner (49" slider). It has a small footprint (smaller than the contractor saw!). As with you, space is at a premium for me. And, as like you, I cannot justify a stand alone router table. It was possible to fit one into the out feed of the K3. If I could not, I would not have one. Routers are valuable tools, and have their place, but I prefer to use them free hand. A router table would be used for duplicating parts on a template.

As I mentioned, I was struck by the timing of your post - you getting rid of yours as I was installing one! :)

Regards from Perth


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