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david weaver
New tablesaw, eh? Clearly, it must be a Martin slider?

If I were going to do a whole bunch of doors and I was organized, the router table would make a great deal of sense (but it would still be bliss for me to raise those panels by hand - off of the plane, they require a lot less finish work - I am not sure I'm sold on the time benefit, but there's little chance I could organize my kitchen project and do all of the doors and panels separately without making a mistake. My brain seeks safety in making things, and one at a time is easier, though slower).

By hand, some things are not as accurate, but did a lot of the dimensioning, etc, by hand on the cabinets, and to date (I am finished with everything now), I threw out one stick of cherry about 2x16, it should've been 2.25, and two small pieces of plywood. There is something about having the blood flowing while doing the work by hand that makes everything easier to focus on.

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