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Re: when to Camber during sharpening?

david weaver
There are a million ways to do it. On a smoother, it doesn't really matter as long as you're establishing it with stones sometime before the final polishing stone. Once you've got it established, you just maintain it with even sharpening and corrections as needed (for example, if the smoother takes too narrow of a shaving, you can hone biasing to hone mostly the middle of the iron on the next sharpening cycle. If it's too flat, you can work a bit more of the corners off).

This is reliable for smoothers, jointers, try planes, etc.

For less gradual camber than that, you'll want to establish the profile on a grinder and then hone the ground profile.

For the process in general, use the feedback from the tools to tell you whether you have enough or too much or not enough, etc. Don't worry about specific methods of applying camber unless you want something as a starting point. It's a lot more intuitive than it seems to be in online discussions.

(this is another area where using a single stone like a washita excels - you establish everything and hone with the same stone. Maintenance and correction are easier and faster since there's only one stone).

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