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John Aniano in Central NJ
Hi Derek,

Good advice but the base is already done and in place in my shop. Just need to make and fit the top. Famous last words: "Just"...

The base has 3.5"x7.5" cherry legs on 8' centers (the cherry has bug damage but I oriented it so it can't be seen), ash stretchers 2.5"x7" front and back and locust side stretchers. When done, the bottom shelf will be white oak flooring pieces over plywood. Huge (think timber framing) mortise and tenon joints with drawbored pins of rived black locust. There are two wooden screw legs vises on the right and left front legs. Chops are of white oak. Can you say overbuilt? I got tennis elbow from building this behemoth. It is the largest and heaviest thing I've ever built!


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