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david weaver
>>Even with a bunch of fitting, still a solution in search of a problem, as I doubt anyone used them as intended.<<

Are you referring to the stay set here, or the LN?

I have had three stay set planes. I've wished every time that they'd just come with a heavier stanley style cap iron. And that's as recent as this weekend planing the edges of softwood ply true. The stay set plane is a complication that is novel, but it takes less than 10 seconds for me to set a cap iron properly now, and I guarantee one fiddle with a stay set that's not quite right will wipe out months of cap iron setting time.

There haven't been any on ebay in the US in quite some time, and with the global shipping program's desire to seize record planes (and any plane with brown wooden parts, under the guise of cites risk), it looks like a good time to dump the stay set 4.

So, I appreciate you bringing this up!!

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