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Seems like the copies of the Record Stay-Set by Clifton were available prior to LN bringing out their improved CB, and I recall picking one up at Stevenson's Hardware (with a Hock blade) for a 605 that was purchased sans blade and cap...circa 1995 or so? Anyway, before Tom's #4 started delivering, which seems like it was 1996 or so. Even with a bunch of fitting, still a solution in search of a problem, as I doubt anyone used them as intended. Could be wrong on the dates - I had a reserve unit command at the time in addition to the day job, so was trying to fit some woodworking into odd corners in my schedule...definition of chronic fatigue.

I don't recall anyone else offering replacements until Tom came out with his, and those needed as much work to resolve the rough machining as any other CB. Comparing the first improved CB that Tom sent me to the most recent (a student #4-1/2 that came in for set-up this week), the machining is improved, but still needs quite a bit of work to smooth out the mill marks on the underside of the cap, the angle on the leading edge, and lack of a smooth counter back into the bevel.

Circa 1973, there was a pretty good hardware store down in DC that sold INCA machines and had a larger selection of hand tools than what I had seen anywhere else, but I don't believe they had any replacements for anything other than the production Stanley planes at the time. IMS, I wanted to get a replacement for a coffin sided smoother that my neighbor at the time had given me (hobby boatbuilder - nothing over 20'), but had to hit the antique stores and fleas around Annapolis to find one that came close to a fit.

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