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Re: it depends on the plane

Warren in Lancaster
I think the rounded bevel is much more sophisticated than what you are imagining, Steve. When the cap iron is fairly far from the edge, the rounded cap iron behaves more like a mild angle cap iron, equivalent to 45 degrees or less. The shaving never gets into the small area near the juncture of the cap iron, but instead rides the cap iron higher up. As the cap iron is put close to the edge, the steeper part of the bevel, 70 or 80 degrees,comes into play, giving a stronger effect. It is as if the angle becomes steeper as the cap iron distance is made less.

Peter Nicholson (1765- 1844) was a cabinetmaker in London in the early 1790's, a time when figured woods were all the rage and the city was awash with exotics

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