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Re: I should add..

david weaver
though all work fine, the LN and LV caps are better finished and a bit thicker than the hock. The hock is a bit crude (which doesn't keep it from working, but it's worth noting if you have the choice elsewhere).

I went out and looked at the hock price and see that at some places, it challenges $40. I wouldn't give $40 for it if it came with a bucket of water and my shoes were on fire.

Also, as an side for setting your stanley caps in the future, they shouldn't move after you get them partially set. That is, finger tighten the screw a little and move the cap into position, if it's set up right, it won't change more than a tiny fraction of a thousandth if everything is in order.

If you want to diagnose that on another one at some point that otherwise seems fine, feel free to post.

I don't know if it's apparent, but I have a passing interest in the cap iron some days..... :\

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