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Re: LV replacement cap irons......

Hank Knight
"Finally, how can you "not have to adjust one" for "a number of years"? "

Patrick, I started to rise to you bait, but your post probably merits some reply if only to clarify my use of the word "adjust" in my original post.

Of course I remove the cap iron from my plane irons when I sharpen them, and their placement on the cutting iron requires adjustment when reattaching the cap iron after sharpening, stropping, etc. When I said in my original post that I had not had to "adjust" my LN cap irons in a number of years, I was referring to the "tweaking" of the fit between the cap iron and the cutting iron that I often found necessary with the original Stanley cap irons. As Derek pointed out in his post below, the spring required for the Stanley cap iron to maintain gap-free contact with the cutting iron often causes the leading edge of the cap iron to lift perceptibly from the cutting iron when the cap iron screw is tightened. This lifting creates a gap that allows shavings to enter and wedge between the cap iron and the cutting iron and clog. When that happens, tinkering with the cap iron is required to compel it to again mate with the cutting iron with gap-free contact across its leading edge. Sometimes merely bending the cap iron to introduce more spring would suffice, but often regrinding and honing the contact surface was necessary when wear was significant or the softer steel of the cap iron deformed slightly with use. This is the "adjustment" I referred to in my post, and I haven't had to take any of these measures to correct the fit of my LN cap irons since I started using therm some years ago.


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