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Re: LV replacement cap irons......

Hank Knight
Hi Roger,

I don'g have any experience with Lee Valley replacement grasp irons, so I can't speak specifically to them. Nevertheless, I can say the Lie Nielsen replacement cap irons have worked well for me. All of my bench planes are Stanley Bedrocks. I found the Stanley cap irons to be made of mild steel, often poorly fitted to the iron and deformed easily. I could bend them back into shape and file them to fit the plane iron, but I would have to tinker with them often to get optimum performance. I replaced all of my plane irons with LN replacements irons and, while I was at it, I replaced the cap irons too. The LN cap Irons are very stiff and precision ground. They fit precisely to the iron. I've not had to adjust one since I first set them up a number of years ago. As I said, I have no experience with Lee Valley cap irons, but I would guess they have similar characteristics of stiffness and precision grinding to the LN ones. I think my LN replacement cap irons are worth the investment.

My $.02


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