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Re: the sun comes up the next day..

Michael Brady
I appreciate your second reply and wish you would have reconsidered before sending your first. I really don't need the economics of business lesson, but I imagine that we have readers in this public forum that may not have business experience (yet) to draw upon. If you visit the Knew Concepts web site you will see photos of an manufacturing enterprise that has a considerable investment already made, and a relatively young new owner (Lee Marshall passed away this summer). I watched him make sales at HandWorks in Amana, IA to customers standing in line, aided by, I assume, one of his young children. Good, old-fashioned American commerce. Whether he operates profitably would be anyone's guess. I know he enjoys the substantial benefit of direct sales, but also has wholesale accounts to him he obviously extends wholesale pricing. I doubt that he is just trading dollars with those accounts.

For the record, I never asked Mr. Marshall for anything free. That was your assumption. Regarding the handle, I merely voiced an opinion that it was basically the equivalent of a file handle: unfinished with a cheap, crimped zinc ferrule. The thumb nuts were--well,--plastic. I had just spent over a hundred bucks for a saw whose function was to roughly remove waste from a dovetail board. It did a great job of it. I intended my criticism to be helpful. It clearly wasn't accepted that way, although both components were eventually upgraded with no change in retail price.

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