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Michael Brady
I fully accept your criticism of my comments if not the tone of your post. I know know you from several forums and certainly respect yours and others' points of view. I was merely comparing some points of service offered by other premier suppliers of goods to our mutual area of interest; and how this particular company's approach to customer satisfaction was not as accommodating as I had hoped. Since this supplier does not have multiple categories of items to offer to our market, perhaps a "once and done" sales strategy is best for them. Whereas Derek speaks of the product through his special relationship with the company, I was commenting as a ordinary customer, offering feed-back on the purchase and ownership experience. Interestingly, if you take the time to read postings on this saw going back to it's inception, you will find comments about the handle's shortcomings in almost every thread. If you re-read my post in this thread, I mentioned that I kept the original handle and still use it today. I could have easily made a new one, but that is not the point. Neither is it the point to quibble over $8.00 plus shipping for the metal knobs that replaced the original plastic ones that had been crudely re-purposed from some other intended use by sawing off the "wings". To me, that manufacturer was telling me that $98. was what they charge for a good fret saw, and that a great fret saw will cost you about $83. more plus shipping for a proper handle and metal thumb screws; and that is still my opinion.

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