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david weaver
We have gone nuts as customers (I have not, personally, I'd be ashamed), believing that someone who is running a business is required to give us their money instead of us spending ours with them.

Usually the folks making the biggest demands aren't exactly the same ones who are offering to go to their employers and give back some of their wages when they find the were doing something inefficient early on.

Think about this from the vendor's point of view. He's just trying to run his business, you tie him up with a couple of emails wanting something free, take part of an hour and then criticize him. It's really bizarre. This whole "i'm the customer and I'm always right" think is completely devoid of humanity, and it's childish. There's an exchange between us as customers and the vendors. It's a human exchange. If it's clear that it's all about the money for a vendor and they are making junk and just hyping it up, that's a different thing. If they are putting their time in and making something, and you use their time, pay them for it.

Otherwise, you ought to keep score of all of the times you ask someone for something for free, or feel you deserve it and take it, and make sure you do at least the same for someone else. I'd imagine that most don't.

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