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Michael Brady
I defer to Derek on most of what he said about the KC saws. Where I differ is on treatment of the handle. I don't disagree that the standard handle is far less than ideal. I had a couple of "exchanges" of ideas with Lee Marshal -God rest his soul- about this topic; and found him less that sympathetic. About this same time, another vendor introduced a fancy handle that added $75.00 to the already high cost of the KC saw, and was not as easy process to install. I bought the 5" aluminum saw and got used to the cheap handle on an expensive saw. Later, an improvement on the blade mounting screws caused me to again contact Mr. Marshall, who would only send me the new screws if I paid for the parts and shipping even though they were supplied without extra charge on the same saw, new. Honestly, this combination of circumstances left me with doubts about the respect for the customer shown by this company. Perhaps the new owner will rectify this.

Before you commit to this purchase, you may want to look at the saw being introduced soon by Dave Jesky at Blue Spruce Toolworks. His saw is designed specifically for woodworking use, not the jewelry-making trade. Dave will treat you with the respect that most other top-end woodworking tool makers have demonstrated.

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