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david weaver
..would be improved if the extremely tiny refined edge (which is the product of a japanese barber hone and then light stropping on chrome ox and leather) was increased in size.

That would slow down the ever annoying instant shed of the edge carbides a bit.

But to be realistic, I have felt the sharpness of the knife that my father used to skin and gut enough animals to feed any of us for a quarter of our lives, and except for a new knife, it was never better than medium crystolon.

So, we're just playing.

What's annoying about this is in the prior version, I subjected the edge to 3 micron aluminum oxide (fresh dursol) and it couldn't hold its carbides with that.

In the old days, I'd have traded this knife with a local guy who had a camillus air force knife sans blood groove :\

Actually, that is the knife my dad used to do most of his animal cleaning, and even on an old silicon carbide stone, it was quite nice. He also had an older stainless knife, and I can still see/visualize the wire edge that was on it from the same silicon carbide stone. Don't remember the brand, but it wasn't generic. The camillus knife of vietnam vintage was really nice.

(and no clue about the quality of the diamonds in terms of consistency, but they're on an oilstone now and it, too, could release a particle here and there that would make the deeper grooves shown.

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