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david weaver
Boxing something up tonight and decided that while I was downstairs, I'd work at this knife with a different regimen since it was so close.

Diamond ("6500 grit" dry on a charnley)
Then a japanese barber hone that just isn't quite up to razor work
Then green chrome ox pigment
Light leather

You can see the grooves from the diamond. This edge appears to be polished to the naked eye

The one thing to notice is that the very edge is even, but I think given the unevenness and deep grooves just back from the edge, it would release stuff.

Much sharper than prior, though. Time wise? The tidioute gets every bit as sharp as this in a matter of a minute. Total time on this edge from the state a tidioute comes in is at least 5 times as long, and in all honesty, it's a bit shy of where the tidioute is off of a slurried japanese stone. I'd dread resharpening it on a routine basis. A sloppier regimen would be fine, but this is neat work in terms of evenness of the bevel. I've got most of the original factory issue problematic geometry erased.

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