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david weaver
I'd love to make razors, but have no clue how long it would take to get good at it, and i'm not sure how one would heat treat them reliably. I think manufacturing has for a long time used a molten lead setup to heat and an oil quench, as well as wet grinding wheels (some of the current boutique makers use abrasive paper, but I haven't seen any who really make something that competes with a very good vintage razor in terms of geometry).

The fear about getting good at it instead of just making a bunch comes from the fact that Dovo says they can't find enough people able to do it and willing to continue doing it (despite the amount of equipment).

But it has the very attractive trait of being dependent on hand and eye and subtlety, as well as rewarding repetition (which planemaking does, too, though you can take some of the hand and eye out of planemaking as you get further toward manufacturing - I guess - I'll never get that far).

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