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david weaver
Sorry. The run-up of titles is misleading. We went from diamond to buffing compounds.

The Jackson Lea 5 micron aluminum oxide yellow stick is AlOx only, and is described by McMaster as a combination "cut and polish" compound, which is accurate.

I have always purchased diamond compounds off of ebay, because there's always someone on there (this may no longer be true) taking a huge lot of diamonds and putting them in baggies for a low price.

The last time I bought, 100 carats of diamonds (dry, no paste) was about $22 from a seller who had the name "yuri???" on ebay. I've gotten diamonds from 100 grit to what they term 100,000 "grid", and then specific micron sizes from 1 down to 1/10th in vials (far fewer carats, but much more specific labeling). 100 carats is a LOT of diamonds for sharpening purposes. Perhaps a lifetime supply.

I've never bought a diamond compound in a wax bar.

Not that it's germane to this conversation, but in case anyone is reading it, I noticed that my #1/10 micron compound has, over time, clumped a bit and the clumps could do damage before they're broken. For my watch face, I smoothed them with my thumb. I've had other oddities from time to time with graded diamonds that are most likely due to clumping (they happen and then disappear) or something rough on the substrate.

Electroplated hones are a far different story. There are some monster strays on DMTs plates and the one EZE lap that I've tried had a horrible rogue diamond(s?) on it somewhere that really beat up the face of my watch and forced me to go to the atoma 400 to remove the damage it did.

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