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david weaver
I haven't found the same stuff anywhere else for nearly the same price.

5 micron jackson lea, 3 pounds. I can't tell which one it is from my old email receipts because the part numbers have been changed, but I got four bars of stuff ranging in price from 6.92 (for 3 pounds!!) to $10.

Total shipping for 12 pounds of stuff was $8.

I think the $10 stuff at the time was blue for plastic or the iron oxide rouge. Didn't find anything in any of them worthy of trouble to use for sharpening (though the 5 micron compound would work fine, it's like the green sticks, you have to add a drop of oil to get it to work well), but the yellow has been a very good go-to for general buffing, and combined with a gray scotch brite wheel, there's nothing that you can actually recover reasonably that you can't remove the rust from very quickly.

Whatever the case, this is one of the few times mcmaster is competitive. Another in the "old days" was when they sold USA nicholson and simonds files for $4-$5 per for various triangular sizes. Of course, you had no guarantee about what brand they would be, but nicholson and simonds were what I got at the time.

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