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S30V at Rc58
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Patrick Chase
Using a steel like S30V at lower hardness actually makes a LOT of sense, if the maker's objective is high toughness with decent edge life.

The overall hardness is principally a property of the iron matrix. S30V contains a fair bit of Vanadium Carbide (Rc>90) no matter how it's hardened, and those carbides provide a lot of wear resistance even if/when the surrounding matrix is fairly soft. By tempering to a lower hardness the maker therefore achieves good toughness while retaining good wear resistance.

That's actually the *entire* point of high-alloy, high-carbide steels like S30V (or PM-V11, or HAP-40, or A2, or D2, etc etc). Their heterogeneity allows otherwise impossible combinations of toughness and wear resistance precisely because they don't sacrifice as much when used a bit softer.

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