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Patrick, I hope you're not offended

david weaver
That when you bring stuff up (the composition of the diamonds, the availability of powders, etc) that my response often seems to be "yeah, I have that already".

I have been criticized more than once (charlie stanford did it all the time) with lines like "there's no way you've ever tried all of this stuff or have every owned it".

Well, there's always someone who gets carried away - I'd say that was me, but it still is. I wanted to nice watches in this last shift, and now I have 7 that I need to sell. Oops. Every single one of them is a Seiko....that's a bit of an Aspergery thing, though. Not that I've ever been diagnosed, but as I get older, I get a little more Aspergery, I think. (oh...and two pocket watches, one that was made long ago near Warren's stomping grounds).

So aspergery thing aside, we're generally on the same street. And when I wanted to try everything. Well, I sort of did.

When I wanted to try every kind of steel I could think of. Well, I sort of did. Except S30V - never got the urge for that. Super blue sort of cured me of going to the really alloyed stuff.

So, anyway, I'm not trying to make it a contest, I've just "been bad", I guess.

The thing that came into my mind about the diamonds before all of this is that at one point, I felt like "nah...not for me" and considered throwing the vials away.

The baggies of bigger stuff, I always got on ebay (haven't in a while given the surplus), because at one point, they were about $22 for 100 karats.

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