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Picture of 154CM *PIC*

david weaver
With the small scope.

Nothing untoward on the edge other than some aspects of the blade itself (geometry - the shoulder is close to the back of the knife and the actual edge itself is concave a bit along its lines - both of those would need to be addressed in the long term). I have seen far worse, though - there is a notch for relief, so it's not immediately "unsharpenable" like some knives are (when I sharpen knives for people, the hard shoulder kitchen knives that are beat up at the back of the edge are always a pain - I usually grind the shoulder, but some people get offended by that. I have no clue how someone would use a knife like that, though.

Anyway, the look of this knife is found here:

This is a US made knife, though, with rosewood clad handles, liner lock, relatively large and a button to open. As I recall, it was $45 or $50.
Not classic style, but again, there's far worse out there

It could be sharper, but I'm sure my dad never used a hunting knife as sharp as this one is at this point (he sharpened a camillus survival knife with a mid grit silicon carbide stone and that's it). We ate an awful lot of deer meat when I was a kid, so the urge to sharpen is not because it needs it. I did find a washita stone in my dad's gun cabinet, though, and we cleaned it off and now he sharpens his knives properly - and he no longer hunts.

Anyway, this is a knife too nice for me to use in the shop, which is bizarre to say. It's four times the size of the fallknaven knife and a little more than half the cost (but it'd be probably equal in cost now if it wasn't on clearance). I plan to keep the fallknaven knife in the shop. From what I recall, also, this buck knife is not fully hardened if VG10 knives are a reference point.

Another thing rare about it is that it represents a time when I found a bargain at cabelas (which is near the in laws)...That's something I rarely find.

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