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david weaver
Though I haven't used ATS 34, I saw a website that said that 154 CM and ATS 34 are the same steel.

I didn't even know the knife that I have is a stainless grade (the one in 154CM).

VG 10 is only a little behind (but sharpens well on oilstones and strops nicely).

I sharpen kitchen knives for people in the neighborhood and my wife's friends, but it's uncommon for me to get anything as good as ATS 34. Henckels international, etc, is the kind of thing I'm used to seeing, but I'm not running a business like you are, so my exposure is a lot less.

(Lots of posts while I was looking that say 440C, 154CM and ATS 34 (and VG 10) make a low durability knife and are out of date. I can't imagine that anyone who knows how to sharpen anything without getting out some kind of robotic contraption would ever have that thought).

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