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david weaver
No. I'm not really too much of a knife enthusiast. I did get a 154CM knife by chance a long time ago when I was just looking for a "made in USA" folder and ran into a buck "hunter" on clearance.

I didn't hunt down the composition charts, but see a knife site that says it's a lot like ATS34 (actually, it sharpens well enough that I thought it was a carbon steel).

And, I have VG10 in a chef's knife and like it a lot - like really a lot. I see that it's not that well regarded by people who believe you need wootz to cut a marshmallow, but it's a lot like the tsunesaburo irons - rikizai and really good and really easy to care for - sharpens on anything.

Those accurate thoughts? (VG 10, 154CM sort of being the same?).

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