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Diamond paste grades *LINK*

Patrick Chase
DMT paste is marketed to hobbyists, and covers a very narrow range of grades. The coarsest is 6 um, or the equivalent of a #2000 JIS-compliant waterstone. DMT also doesn't state whether they conform to PS62-74 or its successor (the statistical control spec for sub-sieve diamonds) which isn't reassuring.

Norton makes a very good, tightly-graded line of pastes and Joel sells them up to 45 um (~7x more aggressive than orange DMT) at TFWW. If you search you can find plenty of non-WW outlets that sell the full line (0.25 um to 60 um IIRC).

McMaster-Carr resells the Sandvik-Hyperion line of pastes, which are also excellent and range from 0.5 to 60 um.

Precision Surfaces International makes a pretty decent 0.1 um paste, which might be useful for an optical surface like this. I can send you a little bit if you want.

In my experience either Norton or Sandvik-Hyperion pastes are better for uniformity than any metal-bonded plate (Atoma, DMT, EZE-Lap, etc). The only bonded/non-loose solutions that are competitive in that regard are resin-bonded films like 3M 661X/668X (what LV resells) and Shapton's resin-bonded diamond lapping plate. The problem with those is that they don't last very long for working hard materials, which is why Shapton tells people not to ever use the plate to tools. The films would probably last long enough to be viable, though.

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