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The other *PIC*

david weaver
This is the other tidioute, my daily carry around knife.

There is actually bubbling on the surface of this one as you go up the side of the blade, but.....

...wait for it...

...it's only because this knife has actually gotten some light surface rust a few times and after you buff it off, it pretty much looks like what's on the fallknaven knife. No such thing once you work the bevel, though - the simple steel is pure at the edge, and at proper hardness, plenty durable.

This is a functional edge from a cheap japanese finisher, and it's shiny at the very edge after stropping due to the burnishing by the leather. I never sharpen with anything else other than a slurried finisher - just one freehand bevel. In terms of sharpness, it's a silent shaver from both sides. If you miss a patch shaving in the morning, you can take care of it with this while you're walking around the house.

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