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Gent's knife w/ stiff backbone

Joe shelton
I have several of the pattern because I like the type so much.

Most of mine do not walk and talk with 'clicks' at the midpoint. Two of them do so, and all have definite pauses at the midpoint when closing.

With one exception, mine have the Case surgical steel, and it performs well. One of my older ones was sharpened exquisitely and then misplaced for a long time. When I found it, it was still so sharp that hair leapt off my arm to avoid it. That was late in 2004, and after occasional use it continues to be sharp, without further stoning or honing.

The one other blade is Damascus. Haven't sharpened it yet. I missed on the models that had ATS 34 blades.

The knife is large, stout and carries comfortably in the pockets of all the trousers I wear. The Wharncliffe blade is massive, and competent at every task I've set it to. The pen and coping blades are marvelous complements to the big blade, giving thin, flexible blades to do lots of fine work.

All the blades are set at ideal angles from the handle, allowing either power or fine control.

Lastly, the darn things look good.

That's my view of the Case Seahorse Whittler.

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