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Re: Fascinating. When I ask my wife *PIC*

david weaver
It definitely is. Those scopes are pretty much all the same, and I used one for a while. You can get quite good with one and there's no fixturing issues because you can just put the scope on whatever you're looking at.

But they're not quite strong enough and clear enough to get the last little bit of resolution that you need to be able to tell a defective razor from a decent one.

They will, however, tell you absolutely everything else you'd need to know for a sharp edge on anything else, and for tools, they are a multiple of what's really needed in terms of magnification. Mine cost $11, but the stand was junk (probably why it was so cheap), so I just use it by hand.

I just took this picture of the 2 on a ruler with mine. The focus isn't great, so I reduce the picture size instead. For $11, it's awfully good, though, and it supplies its own light.

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