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Re: A testament to the quality of atoma stones

david weaver
Yes, and I think those pastes (DMT for example) are great for shallow work, but the grades recommended just weren't cutting out the deep scratches this sapphire had. I'm really clueless as to how it could've been beaten up so badly without more than minor scratching on the rest of the case.

(the guy on that link sure was proud of that chronometer!! EDIT....oops, missed that the dial was teal. Definitely brings extra money).

Some of the crystals are hardlex on the KS, but I don't think this one is. Alumina wouldn't touch it. But, I'm no expert. Diamonds worked great, and I'd never thought about how consistent one plate is vs. another, but the consistency of the atoma plate (I can't imagine that it really needs to be so consistent as it is) was really shocking (and it's flat, which is fairly important for something like this).

Just as happy with the bessey as a brake caliper tool!!

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