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david weaver
That looks like a fantastic knife, Wiley. Beautifully made. I love the bevel work they did on the spine.

What I like most about their knives is that they are not only beautifully made and tight, but they put details on a knife that's a little over $100 that just aren't on any other knives that are anywhere close in the price range.

I really do like case (and case are a lot lower in cost - there's another case or two that I'd like to have), but the combination of finish and style that GEC has on their knives is really a step above.

I have a red micarta knife that I'll have to fish out (tidioute) that has, I think four wharncliffe or two wharncliffe and two sheepsfoot blades. It's a dream knife for someone who likes to sharpen straight blades.

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