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Re: Question For you Wiley

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi David and all,

I will post a couple photos of the Case Seahorse, once Flickr gets online (they go offline sometimes). It’s very beautiful and my pictures don’t come close to doing it justice. But photos help.

That said, this Case knife talks but doesn’t walk, unlike the older Case’s. Knife fora say the ‘surgical stainless’ is Latrobe 420HC. The HC stands for high carbon, but Latrobe says 420HC is 0.46% C, which limits its hardenability to the upper 50’s. The knife people, who always sound like they know what they’re talking about, say that Paul Bos, when he was at Buck, did wonders with 420HC, in part by cryo-ing it, thereby converting all the carbon to martensite before tempering. Don’t know whether Case is doing something similar. Your Fallkniven, with the cutting edge of true high carbon stainless, is at 62 (according to Fallkniven).

Blade opening is not hard, but is reassuringly a bit stiff—I prefer this. The three blades—and you’ll see this in the photos if I can ever get them up—are polished to a mirror finish. No grinding marks at all, except on the bevel. The knife comes quite sharp from the factory, will slide through Post-It’s, but not the LA Times—will require a little polishing for that.

I would say overall, that Case has produced a work of art that will serve well as a gentleman’s knife. I’m glad I have it; it’s the one I’d like my son to have, as opposed to the abused knives I’m inclined to keep in my pocket.

Would love to hear the take of Joe Shelton or Patrick on this knife. My opinions are based on zero experience actually using the knife, and I could be dead wrong limiting it to ‘gentleman’s knife’ status. It may be much more than that.


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