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Re: Question For you Wiley

david weaver
I went out and looked up the case that you mentioned.

What's your opinion of its walk and talk? When I went through a rash of stockman knives (I think I probably bought 8 to find the best one or two i wanted to keep), everyone told me that case knives were old news and no good. I bought puma, two queen knives, an older schrade (old timer or something?) and two bokers - oh, and an old kabar on George Wilson's suggestion.

Only the case had good walk and talk - the blades rubbed a little, but I don't care about that (it was $33 and everything else was perfect). The puma was OK (reasonably hard blade but extremely hard opening - not safe with something as sharp as a knife should be), the small queen was nice even though the steel was a commodity stainless and soft. I thought the D2 queen was a real disappointment - it was loose and the ability of the steel to have a decent cutting edge was very poor (you can sharpen it to really sharp, but as soon as you cut something, the edge goes). As much positive press as they were given as being a better than case knife, it definitely was not that.

The great eastern cutlery knives are like a better version of Case. George turned me on to them at the time (the wharncliffe #99) - i didn't want to spend $95 on a pocket knife, but he said "I couldn't make a better knife for $1,500". The trouble is that they often make a run of something like that and then you either see it again several years later or not at all, and then resellers drive price of anything desirable but out of production way up.

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