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Re: Who Else Bought "Wiley's Knife?"

david weaver
Congratulations on your 50th!

I didn't know there was a bone handled fallkniven!! that's OK, this knife will probably exist in my shop. There are lots of time when you're making a plane where you just need something that's sharp to do a little bit of scraping, and a small knife is just the thing.

I was going to offer you my second Wall Street knife, but sometimes I feel a bit awkward about things like that. Buying the case sort of heads that one off at the pass, and Case still makes good knives that in my experience walk and talk the way they should.

re: the amazon folks, I believe amazon offers those vendors (the ones who made a mistake) an out. An honest vendor would just admit that it was a keypunch mistake or a listing mistake and apologize.

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